06/25/2014 16:27:05
Which car can evoke the male sense of superiority and pride? This question tried to answer one of the most famous economic and financial magazine “Forbes”. The results are shocking!


Which car can evoke the male sense of superiority and pride?

This question tried to answer one of the most famous economic and financial magazine “Forbes”. The edition determined the rating of top 10 men's cars. If you previously had a question, what is the best car for a real man and couldn't find the answer to it, so today, Forbes magazine decided to rank the cars for you. The criterion by which editors created their rating, is primarily based on statistical data, for example, the most masculine luxury SUV has been recognized Mercedes-Benz GL, because 91% of the car owners are men.

The results of market brands clearly demonstrate the fact that men prefer large and expensive cars. They appreciate the cars not only by their beauty, but also by their quality.












Sure, everyone can decide which of these models can be called the best men's car and what kind of quality is the most important. For some, it is the speed and power, for others - aggressive design and cool appearance. In any case, we can say with absolute certainty that the concept of men's cars has a right to exist.


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